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    Driven by globalization, new foods regularly appear on our plates. While the trend for « Novel Food » has been soaring over the last few years, the concept dated back from 1997 when the first regulation on novel foods was implemented within the European Union.

    Novel Food and regulation

    According to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, a “novel food” is defined as a food whose consumption was not considered significant before May 1997. Examples of Novel Food include chia seeds, baobab pulp, and even insects flour.
    Up until recently, it was quite tricky to have a novel food approved. But in 2018, the procedures have been eased in order to support the various players in this rapidly expanding market.

    What is cacao pulp?

    Among the recent Novel Foods launched on the market, cacao pulp is authorized in the European Union since 2020.
    Cacao pulp, or mucilage, is the white pulp that coats the cacao beans inside the pod. This pulp is rich in fibres and vitamins. It can be pressed to obtain cocoa juice, which is characterized by aromatic notes of exotic fruits and citrus fruits.

    Discover our new « cocoa juice » flavour

    Thus, in order to help you in the creation of innovative and tasty products, we have developed a “cocoa juice” flavour reproducing the taste of the juice extracted from cacao pulp. Far from the roasted and powdery notes of chocolate, our “cocoa juice” flavour is characterized by honey notes and fruity notes such as lychee and pineapple.
    This water-soluble flavour is perfectly suited for use in beverages, with or without alcohol, in dairy products, plant-based alternatives, and bakery products.

    Feel free to contact our commercial team to discover the various flavouring solutions that we can offer you.

    Please note that our flavours are intended for professional use only.

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