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  • Natural X flavours for hard seltzers

    Over the last few years, had seltzer has become a must-have for the summer for those who wish to enjoy a refreshing, low in alcohol, natural beverage.

    Hard seltzer is basically an alcoholic sparkling water, crystal clear and low in sugar, positioned as a trendy and healthy alternative to wine and beer.

    This drink, halfway between a soda and a cocktail, was born in North America. Thanks to their low sugar and low calorie content, hard seltzers can even be enjoyed by consumers concerned about their figure.

    To pair with those natural drinks, we offer a wide range of natural x flavours ranging from citrus to floral notes, including herbs and spices: natural elderflower flavour, natural mate flavour, natural pink peppercorn flavour, natural bergamot flavour, natural rosemary flavour…

    You can mix and match those flavours or use them on their own to create your next summer hit.

    This range of natural X flavours is intended for professional and industrial use. For further information, feel free to contact our commercial team.

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