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  • Range extension of natural X flavours

    Expressions Aromatiques offers clients a wide range of natural flavours, available as liquids or in powder form, adapted to any type of food application. Through a thorough work of research and development, we have broadened our current range of natural X flavours.

    Using more powerful natural extracts, we have developed new fruity aromatic notes. More specifically, we have added new exotic fruits references such as a natural Mango flavour, a natural Pineapple flavour or even a natural Passion fruit flavour.

    By means of a rigorous sensory analysis, we are now able to offer the most interesting range according to the new applicable laws for natural X flavours. These new developments are adapted to a wide array of final applications such as: dairy products including yogurts, fruits preparations, still beverages, liqueurs as well as bakery and confectionery products for specific aromatic notes.

    For any further information concerning our flavouring solutions, feel free to contact our commercial team.

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