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  • Extruded flavours for chocolate

    Expressions Aromatiques continues to expand the range of flavours encapsulated by extrusion with exotic, spicy and gourmet notes for chocolate.

    These new extruded flavours come in the form of particles with a diameter of 1 mm to 2 mm, thus creating a multi-sensory experience for the consumer by offering both taste and texture in the finished product.

    On the technical side, the water activity (aw) of our extruded flavours is inferior to 0.5. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for incorporation in chocolate and chocolate confectionery, but also for use in fat filling and chocolate filling for pastry applications.

    Moreover, the encapsulation process maximise the protection of active ingredients in each formulas thus guaranteeing a shelf life exceeding three years. Hence, this new range is also adapted for “Bakery premixes”.

    For any further information concerning this new range of natural flavours, feel free to contact our commercial team.

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